Mayor Isko Uses Artificial Intelligence for City of Manila

Mayor Isko Uses Artificial Intelligence for City of Manila

Posted by Senti AI

February 6, 2020

Senti AI Team and Google Philippines rep beside Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno and the Manila Public Information Office

The city of Manila is one of the busiest locations in the whole Philippines. It is home to a multitude of cultures, historical landmarks, and more than a million Filipinos. With so many activities, one can only imagine the influx of feedback that the Office of the Mayor receives daily. This is why Manila City Mayor Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso through the Manila Public Information Office has ordered the creation of a grievance desk where Manileños’ complaints will be heard directly by the local government.

Mayor Isko is dedicated to uplifting the lives of every Manileño. To do this, he needs to constantly listen to his people’s unobstructed feedback – a capacity that digital channels can provide. However, sorting through feedback from millions of Manileños in order to create an action plan for resolving them quickly and efficiently is another matter given that there is a limitation in manpower, the mayor’s staff are already busy, and they need all the time they can get in resolving the issues thoroughly and quickly thus they should be free from menial tasks that block productivity and should not be bogged down by volume of feedback.

To keep an open line of communication with his people without overbearing his staff, Mayor Isko Moreno has partnered with Senti AI in utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence to help the office sort through the influx of concerns quickly and accurately so they have more time to act on the issues that matter to Manileños.

Senti AI makes use of 30+ years of academic research in Natural Language Processing and Machine learning to help machines understand and adapt to Filipino languages and communication. This specialization in Filipino languages is proven useful in the technology needed to create the Manila PIO Complaints Desk since individuals submit their feedback using varying languages – some in English, Tagalog, a mix of both Tagalog and English (Taglish), and sometimes even with local slangs.

Individuals submit their complaints via a publicly accessible Google form. Submissions can be in the form of text, images, or videos.

Using the Natural Language Processing capabilities of the system, it will then analyze the complaints (whether in Tagalog, English, or Taglish), pick up the important keywords like place, date, time and display them in a dashboard which the Manila PIO, the city hall’s respective offices, and the mayor can directly access and monitor.

Additionally, the number of complaints the system processes will help it identify concerns that are overlooked and locations that may be underserved.

It’s an exciting time for the city of Manila! How will this system impact the efficiency of the city’s operations? Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned!

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